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Gil Gaidola
Lead Guitar - Vocals
Born in the Azores Portugal and Raised in Hamilton, this leader started his musical career at the age of 10 years old. Starting on the drums, Gil quickly moved to the guitar at 13 and hasn't looked back. Influenced by many Entertainers such as John Fogerty, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jim Croce just to name a few, Gil quickly moved into stage performing: 72-75 Eclipse, 76-89 Gemini, a acoustic solo career from 90 to 93, 93 to 95 Illusion, 95 to 96 Two For The Show and from 96 to the present with Fortunate Son. With two albums under his belt, one rock and the other a children's album, the future couldn't look brighter. Gil is married with a son and currently resides in Stoney Creek.
Paul Ferreira
Bass Guitar
Getting his start as a clarinet player in the Portuguese Philharmonic in 1977, quickly Paul evolved into a bass player and played with the Marquis Dance Band from 84-95 and then with Fortunate Son from 96 to present. Residing in Stoney Creek with his wife and three children, this Dave Groel (Foo Fighters) fan supplies a solid beat that pulls Fortunate Son's sound all together. When asked what his most notable musical achievements are, Paul simply states " His Band Members"
Nelson Gaidola
Nelson bought his first drum set when he was 12 years old but his inspiration came long before that. He grew up watching his uncles play in a band from the age of 5 and they had a profound influence on him. Although they were both guitar players he was mesmerized by the drums and remembers standing behind the drummer on stage and watching him play. At 16 he joined his first band with Paul and has played with him ever sinse. Together they have played in a nine pieve band to a CCR tribute to the classc rock they play today. He was born and raised in the HAMMER but now lives in Grimsby with his wife and two children.
Larry Melo
Keyboards - Vocals
Born into a large musical family, this Hamilton born and raised keyboard player has had the musical bug since 1985. Starting on the drums, Larry is also a solid keyboard and guitar player. Having worked with various artists as a musician and a writer, Larry's aspirations are to produce as well as to continue writing for musicians. His professional career started with Deja Vu from 86 to 91, Wild Child from 91 to 95, Illusion from 96 to 99 and then a stint working piano bars from 00 to 03. Larry was influenced by the great Marty Robbins and Mr Dean Martin.
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